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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Day on Blog! :D

Hey everyone how you doing!, Yeah I know what in the wold! Sorry, anyways this is my first blog!I am happy to be here! I'm currently a student in a Oh-most-prestigious-school-ever! Haha not really but many people call it that, well I go to an Arts Magnet School! It's a great school! I really love it!, What else? I study Visual Arts! I love music, I hear it 24/7! Even when I sleep!I Also LOOOVE Photography! Haha,you can talk to me practically anything! BUT! I do have my limits on conversation, I'm very outgoing even though it seems I'm not, you need to get to know me first! Oh I Love reading! I read whenever I get the chance! so If you wanna recommend me some books you can! I'll gladly look through it and see if I'm interested.
As you can see I'm a very colourful person!...soo yeah!
Well if you got any question Feel free to ask!
Don't Be shy! I assure you I don't bite!..(I know you guys heard that sooo many times already)

~ Breezy Out! ;D

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